If you’re scouring Miami for the best properties to own, which area do you look at first? It can be difficult to choose between contemporary downtown development and a lavish waterfront home. To make your search easier, we’ve narrowed down the best neighborhoods in Miami. 



Mid-Beach is the perfect spot to settle down for those who enjoy a leisurely and lavish lifestyle. This tranquil neighborhood stretches from 41st to 63d street and is home to the Collins Waterfront Architectural District, as well as the Morris Lapidus Historic District. Known for its easygoing style, this area offers residents high-class restaurants, exclusive boutiques, and ritzy attractions. Diverse housing options can be found throughout the neighborhood, from intimate single-family homes to opulent Mid-Beach luxury estates


Coconut Grove

The name alone brings to mind images of sunsets and piña coladas. As the oldest continuously-populated community of Miami-Dade, the stunning district of Coconut Grove has a rich history associated with it. The architecture pays homage to its Mediterranean roots, with sprawling archways and warm, traditional designs dominating the composition. New developments, however, follow a modern style, with clean lines and open-space designs. Stretching from the ends of downtown Miami to the shores of Biscayne Bay View, Coconut Grove offers potential residents a multitude of luxurious homes to choose from. 


South Beach

Big city living meets small-town life in South Beach, Miami. Sure, it’s known as a partygoer’s paradise; after all, where else can you find the glitz and glamour of the hottest nightlife in the country? But, underneath it all, there’s also the serene feel of a provincial beach town. The Florida sunshine illuminates the hundreds of celebrity-frequented clubs, swanky restaurants, and vibrant attractions found on SoBe streets. Living in South Beach means you get to live your best life all day, every day. However, you might want to opt for an exclusive estate if you’d like some elbow-room from your neighbors. 


Star Island

This particular area got its name because it’s home to Hollywood royalty. Some of the biggest names in show business reside in Star Island’s eternal paradise, such as Gloria Estefan and Shaquille O’Neal. If you take a stroll around the neighborhood, you’ll probably run into some of the most successful entrepreneurs too. As the most exclusive island on the Miami shores, privacy and protection are the top reasons residents choose to make this place their home. If you’re looking at property in this ritzy neighborhood, your choices range between luxurious home to opulent estate. 

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